Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve toured an apartment – How do I lease the apartment?

  • Submit your rental application (one for every lease holder, occupant, and/or cosigner/guarantor) on
  • Send your last six (6) consecutive paystubs and a picture of the front of your photo ID to, including the apartment you are applying for.
  • Sign your lease and pay your security deposit (deposit equal to the rent amount.)
  • Complete PetScreening profile regardless of whether you have a pet.
  • Note, until you have been approved and completed the above tasks, the apartment will remain on the market, and is available to rent.

When do I need to have the utilities turned on in my name?

How do I submit a maintenance request?

  • Visit your resident portal on our website, or the mobile app, select Service Issues, then Add Service Issue.
  • Please include any information and applicable pictures that may be helpful. If you have a dog that requires maintenance to make special scheduling arrangements or you have an alarm system, please include this information here.
  • After you initially submit a request, you will receive an email confirmation and your portal will be updated once complete.

How do I report a maintenance emergency?

  • Business Hours (Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM):
    • Contact our office (Richmond: 804-643-3098, Staunton: 540-712-0604) AND submit a maintenance request via your online portal.
  • After Hours:
    • Contact the after-hours emergency call center (804-254-0303) AND submit a maintenance request via your online portal.
  • Maintenance Emergencies:
    • Life-Threatening Emergency: Call 911 first, then follow the emergency maintenance procedure.
    • Heat is out and it’s under 55 degrees outside / AC is out and it’s over 90 degrees outside.
    • Plumbing Leaks – please attempt to catch any water till maintenance arrives
      • Note, if you are experiencing a leak as a result of rain, maintenance will not be able to assess the issue till it has stopped raining and it is safe for them to inspect your home.
    • Lock-out: contact us to request that someone let you into your home ($50 fee applies.) If you are locked out after-hours, you may call our emergency line. Alternatives include calling a staying with a friend till our office opens or contacting a locksmith.
      • If you have your locks changed, they will need to be switched back or changed again, so management/maintenance has access in the future. Resident would be responsible for the cost of this work.

Can I mount a TV, hang pictures, paint, etc.?

  • Residents are not permitted to paint or make any permanent changes to the premises, and would be responsible for returning the unit to the original color, if they still choose to do so.
  • Residents may hang pictures, curtains, etc. and mount TVs. Keep in mind that the amount and size of the holes and the overall condition of your walls will impact the level of paint job that will need to be completed when moving out.

How do I pay rent?

  • Residents have the option to pay rent online via the Tenant Web Access (one-time or automatic options available or by a physical check (personal check or money order.)
    • Online Payments:
      • We recommend online payments be submitted via eCheck/ACH, but you may pay with a debit/credit card.
      • Should you have any issues with an online payment, please contact Zego at 1-866-729-5327.
      • Automatic payments must be scheduled between the 1st-5th
      • Please contact or for assistance with your web access account.
    • Physical Payments:
      • You may mail or place physical payments in our drop box. Please always sign the front of the check and include your name and full address on the payment to ensure it is applied to your account!

I’m going to be late paying rent this month. What do I do?

  • Remember, rent is due on the 1st, and is late after the 5th of the month.
  • If you think you will be unable to pay rent by the 5th of the month, please email (Richmond) or (Staunton) to inquire about payment plans that may be available to you, which ensure your balance is paid within the month, while allowing you to get caught up.
    • Note, a Pay or Quit (Notice of Default) will still be sent to you after the 5th, and a late fee of 10% of the past-due balance (no more than 10% of your rent) will be applied to your account, but if your payment plan is approved and you abide by the plan, your account will not be sent to the attorney. If you break your plan and/or the balance is not paid, we will be obligated to send your file to collections.
      • Leases are joint and several, so if you paid your rent but your roommate did not, you will receive the notice of default, as you are equally responsible for ensuring the full balance is paid.

My rent payment returned, but my resident account does not reflect this. What do I do?

  • Often, the payor is notified of the returned/bounced payment before the payee. If the funds were returned to your account, we recommend you contact your bank, then resubmit the payment and contact our team to let us know of the occurrence.
  • Note, if three (3) payments return within a six-month period, we will only be able to accept certified fund payments (money order or cashier’s check.)

What is Monroe Properties’ pet policy?

  • Pets are permitted in most apartments managed by Monroe Properties! Residents must confirm with management whether pets are permitted in their home BEFORE bringing them home! Typically, two pets are permitted per household, depending on the unit.
  • All residents, regardless of whether they have a pet currently, will need to fill out a PetScreening profile upon move in and at renewal, to confirm whether their household’s pet status, and register approved pets, Emotional Support and Service Animals.
  • Pet Fees (subject to change):
    • Dogs: One-time Fee: $300 per dog, Monthly Pet Rent: $30 per dog
      • Breed Restrictions: Some dog breed restrictions do apply – residents should contact management to confirm whether this applies to their apartment/home or a dog breed in question.
    • Cats/Rabbits: One-time Fee: $200 per cat/rabbit, Monthly Pet Rent: $20 per cat/rabbit

How much notice do I need to give to move out, before my lease end date?

  • Monroe Properties’ Lease requires two full calendar months’ notice, prior to the end of the lease agreement. The Notice to Vacate may be emailed or hand-delivered to our office.  If we took over management of your unit during your current lease, your notice requirements might be different.
    • e. If Lease ends March 25th, notice to vacate due January 1st.
    • e. If Lease ends March 31st (last day of the month), notice to vacate due February 1st.

I need to move out earlier than my lease end date – how do I terminate my agreement early?

  • Please submit your Notice to Vacate once you know the date you’ll move out.
  • You are responsible for the rent/lease, until the day before a new tenant’s lease starts or your lease end date, whichever comes first. As such, we recommend that residents attempt to advertise and find someone that can rent the apartment.
    • Option 1: Apartment Turned by Maintenance – $250 Re-Letting Fee (amount subject to change)
      • Maintenance needs five business days, between your move out and a new tenant’s lease start date.
      • New tenant pays market rent for unit (ask management to confirm) and pays security deposit to Landlord directly.
    • Option 2: New Tenants Rent Unit “As Is” – No Turnover – $100 Re-Letting Fee (amount subject to change)
      • No time needed between your move out and their lease start date.
      • New tenant pays you for the security deposit held.

I need to move out, but my roommate plans to stay in the apartment – how do I go about this?

  • There are two options available in this situation:
    • Option 1: New Roommate to Replace You on the Lease.
      • Note, your current roommate must agree to live with whomever replaces you. The replacement roommate will need to apply & be approved, and the household would be responsible for handling any security deposit reimbursements, if applicable.
    • Option 2: Remaining Lease Holders Assume Sole Responsibility of the Lease
      • Only applicable if the remaining lease holder is qualified to do so – must be approved by management. The remaining roommate would need to provide updated proof of income to confirm their gross income is at least 3x’s the rent.  Roommates would need to sort out any security deposit reimbursements.
    • Parties will sign an Acceptance of Condition form, and any new/remaining lease holders will sign a new lease. Re-Letting Fee of $100 (subject to change) to be paid, typically by the exiting tenant, by the time they move out.

My lease is over and I’ve moved out – when and how may I expect to receive my security deposit?

  • Your deposit will be processed and placed in the mail, in the form of a check, no later than 45 days after your LEASE END DATE. Please note, this is regardless of whether damages will be charged to your deposit.
  • Please ensure you’ve provided your correct forwarding address to our office – email with the full address.

I lost key fob, apartment key, mail key, parking pass etc. – how to do get a replacement?

  • Please contact our office at to request a replacement for these items. Replacement fees are subject to variation, with the change in the cost of time and materials.